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2020 was the last BLOG post I wrote.  In the height of the craziness of Corona lockdowns and trying to constantly adapt and reinvent our business from 2020 until 2022 we were closed 16 of those 24 months.  When we were finally allowed to open again under the “New Normal” conditions we found that so much had changed.

Well, fortunately that is past us now and we are beginning to see the opportunities instead of just challenges!  So, what are we doing now?

The Corona experience forced us to think about the changes we see in our  society and of course we had to look again at our plan to see if it still fits.  We concluded that we believe people are choosing other ways to spend their holidays – hotels are struggling.  Camping, glamping, AirBnB, VRBO, all of these options seem to be the new normal, or at least the new Trend.  We expected this when we began, thus planning for a Glampground, but it came much faster than we expected.

Many restaurants went out of business during the lockdowns and now so many are really struggling to recover.  The restaurant @ Schloss Mutzschen has been a unique culinary experience in Mutzschen since 2017. We have been providing our guests with delicious, handcrafted food in a fun “garage” atmosphere and have been the place where people come to relax and to celebrate.  We have many regular guests and have many completely booked or full days, but it has not come back fully since 2019.   MotoSoul has been serving up fun events like 2Rad Days, BMW Test Ride days, live music and more!  Of course we will continue to do this – we love being a Rider Treff!  The 2022 and 2023 events were fantastic, some great live music and fun for everyone who attended.

So, we have not been sitting around doing nothing since 2020.  We have spent time planning for our future.  We built a stage in the Park for larger music events and have been working diligently to prepare the park.  We have completed the Park Study and have a Glampground Plan.  We have finished an Energy Study of how we make the Schloss both economical and sustainable for the future.  And on that same theme, we think it is time we make some changes and improvements to the restaurant.  To help convey those changes we are introducing a new name – The Soul Food Eatery. 

We re-open 25 January 2024 and will be open Thursdays through Sundays and we will be introducing some new foods and playing in the kitchen a bit to get it right.  To really make it happen we are replacing some of our kitchen equipment and  we look forward to welcoming you into our new concept.

But please do not worry, we will not get rid of your favorite burgers and steaks, we just want to include some of the latest food trends like meatless food that tastes great, homestyle cooking family recipes and of course a few surprises too!  We are still in the same beautiful Schloss Mutzschen with the same great food and service, its just time for a little change…  We think you will love it.

Additionally, I have been personally working on a passion project – teaching and inspiring women to be self employed business owners.  We are launching the first learning event in October and look forward to empowering women to be the best they can be! 

As always, the theme is WHY NOT?  We have a beautiful location with a tremendous amount of opportunity.  Do you have a passion project that would work great at the Schloss?  Do you want to study with other female entrepreneurs who have created successful businesses all around the world?  We are always searching for great team members, partners and customers.  We look forward to meeting you and talking about how you might be part of the team.

We hope to see you soon,