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The Schloss

It began as a dream in 2011: to create a Bikers’ Paradise that encompasses everything a traveling rider wants in one place. Over time, the dream grew into an idea, and finally, a project: MotoSoul – the home for motorbike enthusiasts.

In 2014, the project took shape as we found the perfect property in Saxony, Germany. The planning phase began and the Mutzschen Castle was purchased in January of 2016. Only three months later, MotoSoul has opened its gates to guests for our events, sharing our dream and vision.

In August 2017, the first phase, The Soul Food Eatery, was complete and opened.

We invite you to follow our story as, one by one, each idea becomes reality…

The Castle


Mutzschen Castle with its unique history and romantic setting is the heart of MotoSoul.
The city of Mutzschen, Germany is located just 28 miles (46 km) from Leipzig – the hippest, and fastest growing city in Europe. Spain to Sweden, England to Russia: all are accessible from this central European location.

The Clock Tower Building

The Clock Tower building has been renovated and opened in August 2017 as the Soul Food Eatery restaurant. Once the hotel and larger restaurant is open, the Clock Tower Building will be converted to apartment suites and holiday flats.

The Hungerturm


The Schlosspark

Schloss Mutzschen has 6 hectares of park including a large lake. The long term vision for the park is to have an outdoor music venue, private party space, campground, glampground and nature park. To achieve this vision has taken many steps that may not be seen the general public. Read more

The Grotto


The Grotto is the only part of the original castle tower still standing. It is a unique stone building that will be used to host events. Its surrounding terrace overlooks the lake, lying directly under the rear of the castle: perfect for romantic campfires, concerts, weddings and more.

The property has it’s own small lake that is surrounded by park grounds, walkways, gravel roads, and dotted with old, enchanting trees. In their shade, our Glamground and Campground areas will grow, and provide peace and serenity for our guests.