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Miley Cyrus has this great song called The Climb.  It starts out saying

“I can almost see it, that dream I’m dreaming…”

From the moment I saw Schloss Mutzschen, I could see it.  Every time I walk through the Village I see the future.  I talk to potential partners and I know they will participate.  I meet potential customers and I know they will come.  There is no “almost,” there is only belief.  The dream is coming to life.

There are so many catchy sayings like “if we build it they will come” and at times I have found myself uttering these words too.  What I am beginning to understand is that perhaps the building of it is the best part?

Have you ever sat around at a business meeting and laughed so hard your belly hurt the next day?  Have you ever shared tears while talking about your life experiences in such an unfiltered way that your life is forever changed as a result of the conversation?  That doesn’t sound like business at all – and yet that is MotoSoul.

The song goes on to say  “there’s always going to be another mountain… it ain’t about how fast I get there… IT’S THE CLIMB!!”

When I think about MotoSoul, I know there’s always going to be another mountain.  There’s always going to be another project.  There’s always going to be another goal.  There’s always going to be another event, another menu, another party, another market…  Mountains or molehills, we will always be looking at uphill grade!  In the business world, that is a happy problem to have, since it means growth.

I have a good friend who is a crazy mountain climber.  Love him to pieces, and especially love him because of something he said to me once.  He said he only climbs with people he is willing to die with.  He recognizes the risks he takes and knows there is only a rope and a rope holder between life and death for him.

MotoSoul is being started by a small group of risk takers.  They have dared to step out of the norm, or as Gaila likes to say, chosen to “jump and the net will appear.”  They are starting the climb, and learning to trust the rope and the rope holders.

So how do we make sure we enjoy the climb?  My friend told me that he can spend an entire day climbing what might be perceived to be a small rock.  Every step is different, every finger hold is challenging, every tug of the arms or compression of the legs before the extension is thought about and enjoyed!

MotoSoul is not about how fast we get the hotel open, or about how long it takes until we can host our first 1,000+ person event.  It’s about enjoying every single moment along the way.  We will measure our success by the laughter, by the tears, by the happiness on people’s faces, and by the change that we bring about in people’s lives.  When we measure in that way, we are already successful.  We have already impacted lives and made a difference.  All we have to do now is keep doing more of the same…

Keep Climbing,