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msb1The day has come – the art of motorbike riding has a home!  It seems appropriate to talk about this on a leap year day.  If we leap forward 4 years and take a picture in this same place, what a different picture it will be.

Twenty months ago I found Schloss Mutzschen … or perhaps it found me?

In July of 2014 I drove up for the first time and saw the possibilities.  Covered in ivy, blackberry brambles, wild strawberries and overgrown trees, Schloss Mutzschen was a diamond in the rough.  I saw it not as it was, but the way it would be, filled with motorbikes, roaring campfires, and very distinct moments of joy.

The path I have followed since that day has been a long one and it certainly has been anything but a straight road, but straight roads are no fun any way right? There were some speed bumps that slowed me down, some that made me throw my hands up in the air with the exhilaration, and others which forced me to hang on tight with fear.  In every moment, with every turn, it continued to feel like the right thing to do.

I took a group through the property for their first tour recently.  I had forgotten what it was like to see what I saw that first time.  I know that amazing feeling of being on the bridge, that breathtaking view from the courtyard, and that surreal lake with the ducks swimming, and I love it.  So does everyone who sees it.  I still hear the sound of the motorbikes echoing as they pulled into the courtyard last April and I am eager to make that happen again every day.

The sleeping castle is slowly coming to life.  The landscape is clearing, the vision is growing, and the team is building.  This has gone way beyond me.  It is a vision larger than any one person can fulfill.  It is a dream that has grown far beyond my personal one.  Others are dreaming.  Others are creating.  OTHERS GET IT!!!

We are working together to create community.  This project is all about that.  A special place that makes you feel at home.  A family for everyone with a unique and special kind of magic – soulful magic.  Riders magic.  Givers magic.  Do-ers magic.  They are coming, and they are coming together.

I am eager to see this unfold, ready to roll up my sleeves, and I wait with bated breath to meet all of those cool motorbikers doing crazy fun things all over the world.  Bring it on!