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    Unbeknownst to me when I booked this trip, it turns out the Denkmal Fair, a once a year event for historical property owners, Government officials, and tradesman is happening this weekend.  I had already attended the opening ceremonies, but now I am headed to the fair at Leipzig Messe (convention hall.)  I walk in, purchase my ticket, and begin to see men walking around in interesting clothing.  The ones that are my favorite remind me of the old Beatles outfits.  Hmm, wonder what that is all about?

    I start at the beginning and with each booth I get more and more excited. I can do this!  I know how to make decisions.  I know how to choose materials.  I know how to build something for a whole lot less money than most would pay and make it beautiful.  I have done this before and I can do it again!

    I finally find a place I can ask about the outfits.  It turns out that the German tradesman (think carpenters, masons, painters) have a unique “uniform” they wear during their apprenticeship and there is a whole formal ritual associated with all of this.  Well, I don’t know about all that, but I do know one thing, I sure am interested in having a bunch of men working around Schloss Mutzschen dressed like that.  What a picture that will be!!

    I immerse myself into learning as much as I can about renovations, talk with the Government agency people, and ask lots of questions, while being surrounded by beautiful pictures everywhere of architecture, art, craftsman, and history.  What a special thing this is. Home show meets history!

    I leave the Messe flooded with ideas, knowing I can do this with the right team.  I begin to get excited about not only the MotoSoul project, but the renovation project as well.  I have always loved old buildings.  I lived in an old haunted house when I first moved out from my parents home that has history back to prohibition.  I renovated a 1940’s era lake cottage when I first moved to Seattle.  I built a new house to look like an old one, complete with turret and slate roof that was so complicated it required commercial construction of the foundation and retaining walls.  I’ve got this, I know I come alive with a project like this.  I can’t wait to get started.