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It would be hard to talk about Gaila Gutierrez and not mention her “journey.” In 2012, Gaila left her job, rented her house and took off with her partner Tad on two wheels headed for places most people only dream about. From Seattle, Washington she criss-crossed the USA, half of Canada, traversed through Mexico and hit every country in Central America. In all she traveled through 11 countries travelling over 41,000 miles in 14 months.

The journey was not always easy.  She broke her ankle only a couple months into the trip that resulted in a bout in a hospital in Wisconsin. She missed some of the many creature comforts of her beautiful home along the way, but in her words it was “the most incredible experience of her entire life”. Always one to follow her wanderlust and looking for new adventures she has chosen to join the MotoSoul Team!

Along with her incredible can-do attitude, Gaila brings a boatload of motorbike travel experience, a ton of event planning experience and perhaps most appropriate of all – years of experience in City and local Government working as part of a major development team creating urban communities. She knows how to bring the Government and Developer interests together to make something really incredible happen. She’s also an entrepreneur having recently launched an online home-stays community for motorcyclists called MotoStays.com.

On the event planning front, Gaila has already overwhelmed the team with so many cool ideas that we are reeling!  She fell in love Schloss Mutzschen immediately and she has been dreaming up ideas ever since.

Gaila is one of those team members that you dream about in every new business startup.  Passionate about the business, she brings more experience than three people combined and a track record for executing and doing what she dreams up!

And now, let’s hear a bit from Gaila and the summer events she’s working on for MotoSoul at Schloss Mutzschen for our future guests.

Hello! I’m Gaila Gutierrez, Chief Events Director and Soul Sister of MotoSoul Mutzschen-Saxony.

It’s been said by friends that “you don’t do anything on a small scale”. What they really mean is I don’t gradually wade into the shallow end, I dive right into the deep end, head first. Moving from USA to Germany is no small endeavor, in fact, it’s huge. And while all that preparation is quite daunting, what keeps me going is the fact that I love motorcycles, I love events and I love people. Bring these elements together and the dream begins to unfold right before my eyes! I couldn’t be happier to be part of the MotoSoul team.

The goal with events at MotoSoul is to introduce this sleeping beauty to the world and breathe life into her. So many years she’s sat alone, cold and empty, waiting for someone to discover the gem she is and restore her to the glory. Our team is on deck and it’s time to get this party started!

Schloss Mutzschen is situated on the outskirts of the small village of Mutzschen, Germany. It’s a charming, magical place perched atop a hill overlooking the valley and lake below. Crossing the bridge, you can’t help but feel that you’ve entered an imaginary doorway that gives you a glimpse into the world of days gone by. Oh, the life that once rambled there. And now, it’s time to wake her up and have kick butt time doing it.

The perfect gathering place, we’ll have plenty of space to make this a seriously fun, go-to place for fellow motorcyclists and travelers alike.

Here’s a sneak peek into some of the events we’ll have this summer:

Kick-it Vintage Bike Night
Enjoy cool vintage motos, beer garden and lots of gab. Live music, bonfire and tasty fare from the MotoSoul food truck. Preferred vintage moto parking!

Taste of MotoSoul
Come check out what the buzz is all about. Our renowned chef Willian von Schneidau will be showcasing a delicious array of food and introducing you to what’s coming at MotoSoul! This event will be complemented with live entertainment, beer garden and local artists.

Passport to Saxony
The cool factor will be high with our kick off summer event – Passport to Saxony! Share our dream as we unveil the vision of MotoSoul at Schloss Mutzschen. We’ll be featuring mouthwatering food, beer garden, live entertainment and swag!

Attendees can pick up a “passport” filled with loads of options for cool summer activities. The passport will include scenic and fun motorcycle routes that lead you to unique and interesting destinations or businesses throughout Saxony. Work on the passport at your own pace throughout the summer and get it stamped at the specified locations. Return to our end of summer event with your completed passport and qualify for some awesome prizes!

Mutzschen Mardi Gras
The MotoSoul café should be open by now and you’ll be some of first folks to see it. To celebrate we’ll bring some New Orleans style Mardi Gras to the table, motorcycle and costume contest, music, buskers, beer garden, hurricanes (an American mardi gras drink), dancing, artists, vendors and other entertainment that will appeal to all ages. Or… just come chill and enjoy the beautiful setting and catch some sun rays!

Passport to Saxony
Time to say ‘see ya later” to summer and you will have had the summer months to work on your passports. This will be the event to bring you Passport back and see if you are a winner! The café will be in full swing offering you more deliciousness from Chef Von Schneidau. Music, beer garden, bon fire, vendors and if we’ve done it right, reunions with friends you’ve meet at other MotoSoul events!

We are beyond excited to bring events to the Schloss and welcome your feedback. If you have ideas, we’d love to hear them! Stay tuned for event dates to add to your calendar and please share with your friends. Check our website often as we continue to update the MotoSoul events calendar.

And last but not least, when you come to MotoSoul, be sure to introduce yourself, I’d love to meet you!

Bis dahin-